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LOCATION: Howard Hall 103A

The primary emphasis of the Social Influence Lab is investigating social factors that affect expressions of generosity, particularly with respect to tipping and other forms of gratuity. Other research is exploring how appeals to self-expansion can enhance persuasion attempts.  The Lab provides undergraduates with hands-on opportunities to conduct experiments and other research studies leading to publications and conference presentations.

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    Zakariya Frank, Lab Director

    Zakariya is currently a junior majoring in Psychology with minors in General Management and Leadership Communication. He is interested in Psychology’s role in influencing and improving corporate settings. He wishes to pursue a Master's degree in Industrial Psychology and continue into the field. He is a member of the honors school, the psychology club, and Psi Chi.

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    Norelle Bondar
    I am a freshman majoring in psychology. I am a member of the psych club and I work as a university ambassador. I hope to work in the research lab for the next 4 years in order to expand my knowledge in psychology. I love being hands on in my studies and hope to use what I learn in this lab in the real world.

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    Justin Malaussena
    Justin is a first year student majoring in psychology with a possible double major in business because of his interest in industrial-organizational psychology. He is a member of psych club and plans to possibly study abroad next year. He is very interested in psychology and hopes to spend the remainder of his time at Monmouth in the social influence lab. He is verygrateful to be a part of this research lab because it will help him both expand his knowledge of psychology and further understand research.

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